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The goal is to hack into the administrator user of the system by exploiting obvious, or not so obvious vulnerabilities. Each week there will be a new challenge, harder and more complex than the previous one

This is a side project that I am working on while taking my degree in computer science, and is mainly made for the purpose of experience, aswell as a fun way to learn the importance of encryption and Internet security.

The site is designed and tested running Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox, however it's supported by all up-to-date major browsers. Tested and works on mobile devices. (excluding tablets)

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Your most valueable tools are likely included in your browser; inspector & console.

Google Chrome: F12
Mozzila Firefox: F12
IE9 & IE10: F12
Safari: CTRL + ALT + I
Opera: CTRL + SHIFT + I

Use these tools to view the source code, tamper with variables & call functions. A good starting point would be to figure out the code that is executed when you hit the "login"-button. Some basic knowledge of programming is required, (especially JavaScript for the first several challenges) if you got little or none I would recommend to learn JS at, also check out the resources at the bottom of the page.

The challenges are not based on luck, and each one of them can be solved with proper knowledge & logic.


Do you find the current challenge too hard, or do you want more? Try to complete one of the previous challenges:

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Week #3

Difficulty: Medium

First 5

1. Tesseract
2. Herman S
3. Michele A
4. Randy H
5. Metu De

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